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If you’re not convinced about your capability and credibility, why would they be?

Often when working with business owners to develop their business we get to the stage where they actually have to go out and implement and suddenly the excitement is replaced with a whole lot of self-doubt.

We are very good at convincing ourselves that we don’t have the skills or the capability or the credibility to achieve something, even when we have done similar things before.

What can we do about it?

When someone else’s credibility is in question, we tend to look for evidence of their work in order to convince ourselves that they can do the job.  We read testimonials or we ask other people about them.  The same approach works in conditioning our own mind about our own credibility.

When I am working with someone and this issue arises, I get them to list their credibility factors: qualifications, experience, tangible outcomes, things they’ve written, things other people have said etc., so that they bring into conscious awareness, real evidence of their capability.

This list can then be referred back to at times when they need to remind, or convince themselves of their own credibility.

Think about the evidence you have that backs up your claim.

What experience do you have?
What knowledge do you have?
What skills do you have?
What successes have you had?
What impact have you made in other peoples lives?
What positive things have others said about you?

Now write that stuff down!

Your previous successes highlight your capabilities and your strengths and by bringing evidence of them into your conscious awareness now, you can strengthen your internal belief system.

In doing so, you regenerate the feelings that go with that evidence and when you feel a certain way, you act that way too.


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