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This is my first blog post of 2014 and so I thought I’d share one of my own achievements from last year as a way of demonstrating how with a clear vision, a positive mindset and the right kind of action, you too can achieve your goals this year.

I have had a personal aspiration to be featured in the popular ‘Psychologies Magazine’ since I first started subscribing to it in 2008…

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist back then, I was drawn to the magazine above all others for its committed focus on what we are really like (rather than just what we look like!), and that regardless of how the reader might want to grow, it provided not just insight and advice, but also practical strategies to enable them to do it.

I describe this as ‘an aspiration’ as opposed to ‘a goal’ because whilst my desire was strong, I never took the time to actually plan ‘how’ I would make it happen and aside from engaging with one of the editors on Twitter a couple of times, I took very little action to make it reality.  In fact, when my business took a different route and I became involved predominantly with the development of business owners, leaders and teams, I as good as forgot about it!

Later, after I wrote my book, The Act Of Attraction In Business, and after receiving numerous thank you emails from readers who had implemented the contents with positive results, this aspiration reared its head again.  It featured strongly in my vision for 2013, and for the first time, I got intentional about it.

Looking at it from an ‘Act Of Attraction’ perspective, my VISION was strong: I knew what I wanted and why, and my MINDSET was positive: I believed that I was worthy and that it was possible.  However, the reality was that if I was going to get into the magazine, I needed to get in front of the editor and in addition to having no idea how to do that, the truth is, I lacked the *chutzpah  to pick up the phone myself!

I then met Amanda Ruiz.  She had joined a Mastermind Group that I was managing, and so over the next few months I got to know her well.  Amanda read my book and joined my online personal and business development programme and over the months that followed she relayed to me the significant traction she was experiencing in her business as a result.  She became an active advocate and I became privy to the results she was achieving for her clients and because I was now focused, it became clear to me that she was just the person to help me!

I engaged Amanda as my PR, with her first task: “Get me into Psychologies Magazine!!” and she relished the challenge!  After two weeks and lots of behind the scenes activity, Amanda called to say that she had got me in front of Suzy Greaves, the editor.  Result!

Four months later and not only am I featured in the February 2014 edition of Psychologies Magazine (out now!), but the feature itself is more than I dared to envision: A four-page dossier detailing the journey of lawyer and aspiring freelance writer Ros Try-Hane as she embarked on my The Act Of Attraction Mentoring Programme.

Evidence that when you get clear about what you want and why, when you get conditioned internally to make it happen, and when you take the right kind of action – you really can realise your goals.

So, what is your greatest aspiration?  And what action can you take to enable you to make it reality this year?

To read the full piece in the magazine, turn to page 34 (order your copy here)
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*Chutzpah is a Yiddish word that describes the quality of audacity, for good or for bad.