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Looking for a credible speaker for your event?

“Tamsen is an experienced public speaker, widely sought after for her insightful, inspiring and impactful material, delivered in her uniquely engaging and entertaining way.  Highly Recommended!”


I am available to speak at meetings, conferences, seminars and events and talks can be customised to meet your specific requirements.  Below are some example topics.

Align your Activity for Extraordinary Results

For small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to achieve greater success and more consistent results in their business without more effort.

Leadership for Entrepreneurs

For business owners without employees who still recognise that their success in business is reliant on their ability to influence others.

The Art of Conversation

For small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to establish rapport and build relationships with more ease for networking, leadership and sales success.

Do More, Leverage More, Achieve More

For business owners and entrepreneurs who recognise that collaboration is key to growing a business

How to Leverage the Power of Accountability

For business owners who recognise that whilst one of the best things about running your own business is that you’re not answerable to anyone, it is also one of the greatest weaknesses.

How to Build Aligned Teams

For business owners, leaders and managers who want to grow their business and recognise that a team that’s fully aligned with their vision, strategy and with each other is key to doing so.

Why your Reputation is Key to your Success

For business owners, leaders and managers who want to leverage their reputation to significantly increase their visibility, credibility and opportunities.

Accelerate Your Results With VMA

For small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to achieve greater success and more consistent results in their business without more effort.

Speaking on The Act Of Attraction at The Business Wealth Club, Oxford.

“I highly recommend Tamsen as a speaker for business events where you want to wow your audience and relax knowing you are working with a real professional.  Thanks Tamsen – I have a feeling you’ll be back.”

Paul Avins

Business Wealth Club

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Tamsen ran a session at my Trainer Talk Live event on the subject of Accountability. This was particularly useful and relevant to the audience (all freelance trainers running their own businesses) as accountability is something that many of them struggle with.

Tamsen gave us a really useful overview of accountability, allowing us to understand why it’s a problem for small businesses as well as some really valuable and practical tips on how to overcome procrastination and get more stuff done!!

Tamsen is a brilliant speaker.  Her lovely warm and engaging style connects really well with the audience and she is highly credible – really gives you a feeling that she has been there and done it and knows her stuff.

Thanks so much Tamsen for spending time with us at Trainer Talk Live!

Sharon Gaskin

Founder, The Trainers Training Company

“Tamsen spoke at YES Group Cardiff on The Act Of Attraction In Business (and in Life!), a similar title to the book she is author of.  Her presentation was very well received by our members – a number taking the time to forward their appreciation of the evening afterwards and her relaxed presentation style worked well with the audience.

An excellent speaker with a great message to share with any organisation interested in business or personal development”

Ken Abram

Chairman, YES Group, Cardiff

Chaucer Speakers Club Presidents Dinner, Deal

“Tamsen delivered a delightful after-dinner speech at our Presidents Dinner which entertained, informed, educated, persuaded and inspired.  A charismatic speaker makes people feel as well as think and Tamsen certainly achieved that.  She inspired us, not just with her content but also as an effective and entertaining speaker and I was left with a sense of satisfaction at a speech which was complete as well as a desire to find out more. The body of her speech was logical and she explained the concepts in a way that made them crystal clear, and I certainly found myself realising immediately how they applied to my life.  Her delivery sparkled with enthusiasm and sincerity, which deepened her rapport with the audience.

It was a masterclass in the use of voice to add colour to a speech and emphasise important points and she provided clarity with her pronunciation, projection and pauses.  Tamsen’s speech inspired me to read her book without me feeling that it was her only purpose.”

Julie Pratt

Chaucer Speakers Club, Deal

“We hired Tamsen to be our keynote speaker at a Business Wealth event where the calibre of our members is high as they get a lot of exposure to expert speakers. 

Not only did she deliver great take-away value to the members of our community but she was also a joy to work with as a promoter and nothing was too much trouble for her. 

The content linked perfectly with our theme for the event and our audience loved the worksheets and exercises to help them implement The Act Of Attraction in their Business.  

I highly recommend Tamsen as a speaker for business events where you want to wow your audience and relax knowing you are working with a real professional.  Thanks Tamsen – I have a feeling you’ll be back.”

Paul Avins

Business Wealth Club

“When I was looking to launch a new business networking event in Peterborough designed to bring the local community together, I needed a speaker for the launch event who was guaranteed to inspire and engage the attendees so that they came back month on month. I had seen Tamsen speak many times and she had never failed to deliver, so she was an obvious choice.  Tamsen’s talk met my requirements for the event and exceeded my expectations and the feedback from the attendees was so positive that we asked her to return to speak again a year later at the anniversary.

We look forward to having Tamsen speak for us again in the future.”

Gary Johannes

Peterborough Does Business

“Working with Tamsen as a speaker for our Women Mean Biz LIVE Conference was a real pleasure.  She is a charismatic and engaging speaker with a style that is warm, genuine, encouraging and easy to listen to.  She is professional and extremely knowledgeable as a business expert in Vision, Strategy, Leadership and Accountability, and I feel that anyone would be able to learn something new from hearing her talk.

I cannot recommend Tamsen highly enough as a speaker for a conference or an event”.

Philippa Constable

Founder, Women Mean Biz

“I loved having Tamsen speak at our event about the ACT of attraction – making things happen in your life and business with ease.  Not only does she bring a lot of laughter, but her simple, practical step by step approach to creating and working in your business with ease, is both easy to understand and implement. 

The feedback from the group was that Tamsens talk was outstanding and many requested that she return in the future to share more business skills, leadership and accountability expertise!  Thank you Tamsen.

Yvette Taylor

Founder, The Social Source

“I got so many learnings for me and my business when I read Tamsen’s book ‘The Act of Attraction’ that I asked her to speak at my group of 60 proactive business entrepreneurs in Oxford where she gave even more value!!! So I was excited to attend her workshop: work on yourself first before you grow your Business, and with Tamsen’s workshop I came away fully energised and full of belief in my abilities.

I recommend everyone to attend! It’s changed my direction and I am now connected with some awesome people that I will definitely tap into to keep me on track.”

Angela Beaugeard

Business Wealth Club

“Tamsen is an inspiring and thought provoking speaker who manages the awesome combination of relating to her audience whilst at the same time challenging their thoughts and perceptions on themselves.

If you ever want to come away from a speaking event with a determination and self belief that says “Yes I can”, Tamsen is absolutely the speaker to engage.”

Audrey Ezekwesili

Founder, Facilitate 4 Me

“I first asked Tamsen to speak about the Act of Attraction in Business at an event I was hosting in early 2013. I was intrigued by her subject and found her talk insightful and motivational as did my audience.  Tamsen has a way of making the most difficult of concepts understandable and easy to apply.

She is an engaging speaker and from the first time I heard her speak I would have booked her again, now, with the added insight and further knowledge, she is top of my list of ‘go-to’ speakers who I know will deliver what they promise and keep any audience engaged”

Deborah Meredith


“I have been fortunate enough to hear Tamsen speak on a number of occasions and always find the content of her speech’s very thought provoking not to mention completely relevant to every business owner or individual looking to improve themselves and their results.

I am a true believer in the concept of accountability which she speaks passionately about along with creating a vision and plan with the right behaviour and the mindset to successfully attract the things you want for yourself, family and business.

I would highly recommend either hearing her speak, reading her book “The Act of Attraction in Business” or even better if you get the opportunity to work with her then you won’t find anybody easier to work with, a great listener, mentor & coach that will give you total value for money coupled with the results you require.”

Jason Yearwood

B4B Business Networking

“After reading the The Act of Attraction in Business I invited Tamsen to our Women’s Business Club as a guest speaker and she was by far the best speaker we have ever had in our club.

Her talk was not ‘fluffy’ but very ‘meaty’. She offered quality content with very practical examples. I received many compliments on our speaker after her talk which has resulted in us raising the bar with our speaker invitations but I fear it will be a difficult to match a women of her calibre.

Tamsen knows her stuff, has plenty of experience to back it and is very personable.”

Angela De Souza

Womens Business Club

“Now and then I have an Aha! moment. A moment where my understanding of myself, my motivations or the world around me changes in a significant way. These happen very infrequently so to have three Aha!s listening to a talk on The Act of Attraction by Tamsen Garrie gives a clue to the power of her training. 

I have been to many seminars and workshops for personal development and it’s not often I hear something new and innovative… a distinction… an extra twist… a missing piece of the jigsaw, but that’s what Tamsen offered. I’d heard the basics before but the extra insights were invaluable and will take me forward in life and in my business.

Thanks Tamsen”

Bee Bennett

Member, YES Group, Cardiff