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I had a call this morning with one of my mentoring clients, an amazing business woman who has experienced her fair share of obstacles in the pursuit of her vision.

Despite significant set-backs, she has impressed me month on month with her commitment to her business, remaining for the most part, focused on the destination and consistently taking action to make her vision reality.

Today we were celebrating a significant achievement, one which brings together many aspects of her vision for her life and her business and one that will literally propel her and her business to the next level.


“A light at the end of the tunnel”

Looking back over the last few extremely turbulent months and the milestones that have led to this success, she remarked that in her moments of doubt and uncertainty, the business vision that we created together had provided a light at the end of the tunnel.

That got me thinking…

The metaphor light at the end of the tunnel usually refers to the first sign of ‘hope’ of escape from a hopeless situation.  It depicts a person trapped inside an actual tunnel, walking one foot in front of the next in darkness, remaining uncertain with every step until suddenly a glimmer of light becomes apparent in the distance.

This glimmer signals the end to the doubt and uncertainty and is the first sign of a positive outcome.

However, whilst the glimmer of light may be perceived as a sign of a positive outcome, it does not guarantee one.  It simply provides hope.

What occurred to me this morning is that our vision plays more than the role of inspiring and motivating us to take action and on the occasions that it fails to do that, it comes to our rescue disguised as hope, enabling us to deal with and to push through perceived obstacles and barriers with renewed intent and purpose.

And so, whatever form it may take, our business vision still does it’s job!

Another reason to create yours!


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