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These days, everyone’s at it. But what is networking?

Networking is about developing mutually beneficial relationships. That’s it.

Both online and off, networking is the single most effective and cost-effective sales and marketing tool available for small businesses. I say this because I know it to be true.

Drawing on my experience building and running networking groups, I am uniquely placed to provide practical advice on how to network effectively.

Networking Successfully

Networking is the best way to promote yourself and your business, but networking successfully relies on communicating effectively.  It’s all about communication.

Communication is the response you get. What this means is that if you do not receive the response you expected, you did not communicate effectively.  Being able to adapt your communication style to the person you are dealing with is key to achieving the outcome you intend, even if that outcome is simply a sense of rapport.

The benefits of learning to communicate effectively are vast and they include:

  • Establishing rapport quickly
  • Making presentations with confidence
  • Achieving a win:win during one to one conversations
  • Developing an effective pitch for you and your business
  • Developing a conversation strategy to enable people to understand your business
  • Turning your contacts into advocates for you and your business
  • Networking online, using forums, messaging and your profile to attract potential clients and suppliers across the UK…and beyond

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