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“I always look on the bright side of life!”

Like attracts like and so our beliefs, thoughts and feelings determine the reality we experience.

What we believe, what we think and how we feel, dictates how we perceive and therefore respond to situations and it also influences the action we take towards making our vision reality.

For example, if our mind is occupied with thoughts and expectations of lack and struggle, then we perceive lack and struggle in our lives and consequently that’s exactly what we experience.


Conversely, if our mind is occupied with thoughts and expectations of success and happiness, then we perceive success and happiness and consequently create success and happiness. It sounds simple, and it is.

However, that doesn’t however mean that it’s EASY.

What can we do about it?

In order to create desired outcomes like the ones we’ve detailed in our vision, we need what I term a Positive Mindset. However, the term ‘Positive Mindset’ isn’t necessarily what you might think.

Firstly, the word ‘positive’ for many of us has come to mean ‘jolly’ and ‘upbeat’. People who are considered to be ‘positive’ are often described as ‘always looking on the bright side of life’ or ‘seeking the silver lining in every situation’.

Actually, the word ‘positive’ literally translated means certain.

To BE ‘positive is to BE certain.

To HAVE positivity is to HAVE certainty.

Now, whilst it is true that people who have certainty tend to be more upbeat and tend to look on the bright side of life more than those who don’t, seeking the silver lining in every situation does not constitute a positive mindset.

This is where ‘positive thinking’ alone falls down.

Clearly there is tremendous power in thinking positively – the more positive our thoughts, the better we feel and the more, bright and promising life looks. However, the ability to actively THINK positively alone is not enough.

What we want is a predominant mental attitude where our beliefs, thoughts and feelings are aligned with our vision.

What happens then is that in addition to having a sense of certainty and subsequently feeling confident, our subconscious behaviour also becomes naturally aligned with our intent and purpose (remember the VISION element of VMA), so that we begin to attract to us the people, circumstances and opportunities that enable us to move forwards towards the outcome we intend with ease.

So instead of working hard on thinking positively, work on creating a predominant mental attitude of certainty.

That’s when you’ll really see a difference in the action you take and therefore the results you create.

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