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My Story

When I ditched my successful corporate management career, sold my Chelsea pad and moved to Melbourne Australia to retrain as a therapist, some people thought I’d lost my mind!

However, what may have looked (and felt!) like a mid-life crisis at the age of 28, I now know to have been the start of an incredible journey of self discovery and personal growth.

Along the way, I have worked with thousands of people in business in the capacity of a leader, a manager, a mentor, a coach and a therapist and each one has taught me more about what enables success than anything I ever learnt in psychology or business books.


I have learnt much about people, about the human mind and about human behaviour.  I have learnt that we are ultimately responsible for all outcomes in our lives, and I have learnt that success in any area of life, including business, comes as a result of aligning our activity: our ‘internal activity’ with our ‘external activity’.

What I mean by that is that when you get what’s going on in your head and what you (and your team!) are actually doing working ‘together’, that’s when you get extraordinary business results!

This ‘alignment’ is the central theme to all that I speak and write about and all that I teach and do.

Tamsen’s Bio

Tamsen has worked in the field of people, team and business development for over 20 years, initially in an Operational Management and HR capacity in the corporate sector and later in the SME sector, both as a business owner and as a consultant. This includes 4 years as a director of 4Networking, the UK largest business network, where she developed the infrastructure, including the leadership team, processes, systems and training to develop a national business development platform to enable small businesses to grow.

As well as being an HR Professional, she is a qualified and experienced Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist and has trained in NLP, and that combined with her experience working with hundreds of businesses, training hundreds of leaders and developing numerous teams has resulted in a thorough understanding of the many challenges that are familiar to business owners and managers.

She now chooses to work with businesses with significant growth aspirations to transform their approach both strategically and operationally and to create the vision, the mindset, the leadership and the plan to enable both individual and collective success.

She is the author of the book ‘The Act Of Attraction In Business’ and the creator of numerous business growth programmes, including her online programmes Twelve Steps To Traction and VMA For Business, her team and leadership development programme, The Team Alignment Method and the business growth platform enACT.

Tamsen has since written for many business books and both online and offline business publications and is often invited to speak at business growth events all around the country.

Her experience working with thousands of businesses, training hundreds of leaders and developing dozens of teams has resulted in a thorough understanding of the many challenges that are familiar to business owners and this, coupled with her engaging communication style and her ability to work with all types of people, makes her uniquely placed to work with businesses to develop the Vision, the Mindset and the Strategy to enable both personal and business success.

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Things I’ve learnt

Things I’ve written

Things I’ve said

Things my clients say 

“Tamsen will propel you and your business to the next level!”

Working with Tamsen was amazing! I knew what my long term vision looked like and because I was crystal clear about who I wanted to work with and was so focused on specific outcomes, within 3 weeks I had been invited to speak at 4 different events!

If you are considering working with Tamsen – just do it!  She will not only get you moving, but she will propel you and your business to the next level.  That’s what she did for me.

Deborah Turner

You Image Consultancy