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Tamsen was recommended to me by one of the attendees of ‘Winning Women’ in West Sussex.

I was intrigued and so I contacted Tamsen to find out exactly how she may be able to help with a specific area to expand my business.

After an initial consultation with Tamsen I realised she was the very person to help me.

I already had my vision and a clear ‘why’, but I was stuck in the detail of ‘how’ to bring this dream to fruition.  The success I’d had up until meeting Tamsen was pure luck:   I love connecting with people in business and I just seemed to be in the right place at the right time!

Not the best of business models!

After sharing my vision, Tamsen was easily able to point me in the right direction. Giving me a clear action plan of what my next steps should be, including the processes I needed to implement.

We’ve now worked through these steps and are delighted with the results. Having the clear action steps has refueled my motivation.

We are currently in talks with 3 new Winning Women Ambassadors around the country and ahead of our monthly target for our overall annual plan.

If you are a big picture person or visionary like me, but find it difficult to map out the precise steps to take, or if you need any help around growing your business, I strongly recommend you contact Tamsen.

Allison Marlowe

Global Winning Women

Discover how you can grow your business
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