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Since working with Tamsen, everything has changed and improved.  No longer am I being told that my prices are too expensive and in fact, I’m selling packages that are earning me MORE money.

Before I worked with Tamsen I had just made the decision to niche my existing Hypnotherapy business in weight loss. I had so much information and many ideas and thoughts in my head but I just didn’t know how to organise them. I knew that I’d found my passion but I just didn’t know how to create the business I wanted.

I had been struggling with my Hypnotherapy business.  I was not attracting the right clients and many of the ones I was attracting, I was finding were making excuses to stop or telling me that I was too expensive. Talking about my business at networking meetings or on social media had become harder and harder, because I just didn’t know what my business was!

I was looking for a mentor to work with who I could be totally open and honest with. I wanted to be able to say if something was difficult or if I didn’t know how to do it.  Most importantly though, I wanted to work with someone who I knew to be successful in their business – someone who I could really learn from.

Tamsen had come highly recommended and after talking to her on the phone I knew that she was the right person. She understood exactly where I was and how she could help me. To be honest, working with Tamsen was hard work.  It took time and immense brain power and it was a big commitment.  However, I was completely committed to getting a result and so it was totally worth every minute!  Our VMA day was incredible.

Finally I had a clear vision of what I wanted my business to be and why and I had an action plan of what I needed to do to make it happen – all in a logical order!

My goals were to have a new business name, products, marketing, new branding and a new website ready for 2016. To achieve that Tamsen took me right back to the very basics – to the very essence of my business and we worked on WHO I want to be talking to and specifically HOW I could talk to them.  

Tamsen had a real talent for picking out the key aspects of what I deliver and showing me how to communicate the benefit of working with me to prospective clients. Her feedback was always considered and valuable and at each session I was given clear instructions of what I needed to do, with email support throughout to ask questions and get feedback and encouragement.

The process Tamsen has guided me through has helped me develop my confidence in what I am delivering to my clients and to understand exactly how I do that and how it helps them. I’ve also discovered a talent for writing that I didn’t know that I had! Since working with Tamsen, everything has changed and improved.

I am so much more confident in the quality of my products and the value they are giving my clients that I have generated strong interest at networking meetings and have booked in new clients.

No longer am I being told that my prices are too expensive and in fact, I’m selling packages that are earning me MORE money.

I have achieved exactly what I wanted to with Tamsen’s help:  A new business, a new name, branding, web content, products, marketing strategy, social media content, new business cards and an exciting vision for the future.  

At last I can stand up at a networking meeting and feel excited about talking about my business because I know exactly what it is and I really believe in it!

If you’re not making the progress you want in your business, if you are struggling to talk about it and don’t know where you want your business to go then work with Tamsen! You will receive expert guidance, creative thinking and powerful insight that will help you to take the steps you need to have a successful business. It is only me in my business and I just didn’t have the knowledge of what to do or how to do it on my own and you don’t have to either – that is what Tamsen is for!  

She made this work exciting and rewarding and I now have a mentor who I will continue to work with in the future, I know that there is more that she can help me with!

Carol Seaborne

enLITEned Weightloss

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