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Before making the decision to work with Tamsen, I was in overwhelm. 

I was receiving lots of conflicting advice and felt like I was being bombarded with information from many sources.  I was overwhelmed with my very long todo list and deciding what to do first, and I was stuck on which direction I should take my business in.  I felt I was running very fast but getting nowhere, like I was just standing still with nowhere to go.  I didn’t know which way to turn.

My VMA session with Tamsen was amazing! 

I was expecting clarity which is what I needed and wanted, but what I got was much more than that. 

I got revelations about my vision for the future – things that I had never really allowed myself to consider before. 

I left the session knowing what my long term vision for my business felt and looked like and for the first time, I was clear on what had been holding me back until that point. 

I had a vision, a reinforcing statement and a qualifier question to help me focus on my plan and to keep on track – brilliant, simple and easily implementable tools that I could and did use immediately.  I left with a feeling of calm.  It was as if the anxiety had gone completely.

After the session, I created a visual representation of my vision and posted it in 4 places where I can see it several times a day.  I wrote my reinforcing statement and my qualifier question and posted those on my wall. 

For the first time, I was crystal clear about who I wanted to work with and I was so focused on the specific outcomes I wanted that within 3 weeks I had been invited to speak at 4 different events.

If you are considering working with Tamsen, just do it!

If you need clarity or to overcome overwhelm, or if you just need to move your business forward Tamsen will not only get you moving, but she will propel you and your business to the next level.  That’s what she did for me.

Deborah Turner

You Image Consultancy

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