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I was feeling very down, not in the right place and uncomfortable about some of the things I was doing. I had lost confidence and was lacking belief in myself and my ability. I had focused my business on social media but I wasn’t sure that was all I wanted to do and definitely felt that my clients needed more, however I was avoiding setting up as a marketing consultant as I had a negative view of them.

Tamsen’s programme was absolutely fantastic for me. It allowed me to rediscover me, and that I can do what I want to do in business and still be authentic and deliver value. The specific steps in the programme, and the way Tamsen led me through them, enabled that because she made sure that I did the work step by step, rather than jump straight to the ‘doing’ bit (which is my always temptation!)

During the programme, I created a vision of an entire business and company that I didn’t even know I wanted before I started. It was amazing. I had become so wrapped up in just living day to day that I wasn’t even aware it was there. 

The 1-2-1 sessions were so powerful, working with Tamsen to bounce ideas around and get feedback. The programmes structure was logical and easy to follow, leading me through sequential steps to a clear plan of how I go forward. 

I rebuilt my confidence and started to believe in myself again. And I discovered that I had all the internal and most of the external resources to do what I wanted to do.

Very early on (within a day of the first session), I made and implemented a decision that freed up my time and the space to begin creating my new business. Within a few weeks, I started to attract clients to my new business concept before I had even worked out my programme!

I am now in the process of fairly major change. I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve and I have a much clearer view of how I am going to achieve it. I am delegating to others which is something I didn’t think I would do but, because I have regular clients, income and a clear vision of what I want to achieve in the future, I know I can both afford and need to do it. And the best bit is that I know I am on track to making my vision happen.

If you are considering Tamsen’s programme, I would say definitely do it.  Working with Tamsen has been a turning point in my life. If you are in any way unsure of where your business is going, I would highly recommend it. It will change how you see yourself and your life. It will also change the direction of your business to one that you really want, even if you have no idea what that is now!

Kim Morrison

Owner, Morrison Social Media

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