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Tamsen has worked with Elation in several ways over the last year, most recently helping my colleague and I redefine our roles within the business, our objectives for the business and our interaction with each other.

Since joining Elation I have moved from a part-time intern through to Manager and now working directly alongside our MD. This has involved a lot of changes both to my job role and my working style: from having to be told what to do and how to do it to managing the MD.

Working with Tamsen has boosted this development massively and as soon as the session ended we saw the results directly helping the business.

The changes in the business have all been small, really easy to implement and have caused no disruption at all, but the impact has been huge!

I now I have a really targeted approach to everything I do, taking ownership of it all, and the business has a really clear and achievable growth plan.

Without working with Tamsen we’d still be moving forward, but the path would be a lot longer and a lot rougher.

I can’t recommend Tamsen’s work enough!

Robin Mason

Elation Sales

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