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Tamsen is passionate about helping you align your vision with positive action.  She will help you identify the areas where you are not in alignment and help you to overcome them.  She will then create a plan to help you move towards your goals and support you through the process.

I was lacking connection and I felt as though I was working hard but not getting anywhere. I wanted to align my vision and my purpose with positive actions which would help me to move forwards with confidence.  I was attracted to Tamsens’ energy (but also overwhelmed by it!) but I wanted some of what she had and so I made the call!

During my initial call with Tamsen, I was very grateful that she told me that she couldn’t help me until I had moved through an emotional block.

Once we started working together she listened to what I needed and offered me a suggestion of how she could help and then gave me a structured process to follow. 

The key things that worked for me were her listening and perception skills and then giving me a structure. 

I enjoyed Tamsens’ clarity offered with a deep kindness. In particular she gave me an exercise to focus on my vision, to identify my ideal client and my marketing messages and to come up with a strapline and elevator pitch.

I am now clearer about my vision and I have made goals for 2016 with steps as to how I can achieve them.

I have been able to utilise the marketing questions in my website content and I have developed a clear one minute message to share at networking meetings. I feel much more in alignment!

Rosie Withey

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