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Before I met Tamsen I was overwhelmed by my ideas and the way my brain had butterfly tendencies. I flitted from one thought to the other with no clear plan of how to bring it all together.

I started my relationship with Tamsen via one of her VMA Strategy Sessions and left with an amazing new plan which brought all my ideas together into a clear strategy.  Since this day I have had monthly coaching calls and after each call I feel un-stuck and re-invigorated.

Tamsen has a talent which gets right to the core of the issue, un-tangles it and sets your ideas free. 

What I REALLY love is that Tamsen has many strengths and while she has a wealth of business expertise, she also has a first class coaching skills.  She looks at the person behind the business (you) and ensures everything is in alignment to ensure success.  Quite simply, when you work with Tamsen, magic happens.

The last call I had with Tamsen is going to be worth so much to my business as together we created a framework which pulls everything I believe in and teach together into a simple program. I don’t think I would have ever have developed the program without her but every time I think about it, and what the future holds,  I get butterflies in my stomach (not my brain) which is an amazing feeling.

I think for me, I have many ideas on how to grow the business so what I needed was someone who can see through all the chaos, pull it together into a plan and support me along the way.  Tamsen delivers every step of the way. 

I feel safe knowing that Tamsen is behind me on this exciting journey and feel proud to be working with her. 

Thanks for everything Tamsen – you are a superstar 🙂

If you are considering working with Tamsen please do not think about it too much longer – you are wasting valuable time in which you could be creating magic in your business – just go for it!

Victoria Casebourne

The Keepsake Company

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