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If you have ever wondered why it is that some people appear to create success in their lives with ease whilst others appear destined to struggle, the answer lies in ‘Attraction’.

Sound a bit ‘Woo Woo’?! Bear with me… 

You may already have an understanding of ‘attraction’ in the pursuit of success as a result of knowing about the universal Law of Attraction.

This said law is believed to determine the order of the universe based on the principle ‘like attracts like’.

It states that when we experience thoughts and feelings, we send an equivalent energy frequency out into the universe and that the universe responds by sending back to us events and circumstances that are on that same frequency.


So, for example, if you have angry thoughts and subsequently feel angry, then an angry frequency is emitted and you attract events and circumstances that cause you to feel more anger. Conversely, if your thoughts are positive and your feelings are ones of happiness, you attract back positive, happy events and circumstances.

Now, if you, like I, buy-into the basic premise that perception is reality, then actually, it is easy to accept that how we think and feel affects how we experience life.

However, The Law of Attraction also claims that desirable outcomes such as health and wealth are attracted into our lives through the way we think and feel, and that by simply changing the way we think and feel we can change the material content of our lives: that we simply need to be clear about what we want, visualise it and ask for it, believe that we deserve it and have faith that we will receive it, give thanks for it as if it has already happened, and it will miraculously manifest.


Whilst I have personally worked with The Law of Attraction for many years and whilst I have experienced successes which can be attributed in many ways to the way I think and feel, the most significant success I have experienced in my life has come as a result of combining these principles with actual action. In short – it’s been because of the things I actually DID.

So, whilst The Law of Attraction is a great start, it alone will not manifest the success you want – you’ve got to actually ‘do’ something too!

There is a reason why the word Attraction contains the word Action – and THAT’s the missing element!

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