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If you’ve read my previous two blogs: What’s Your Vision? and How Positive Is Your Mindset?, you’ll know that when it comes to creating success in business, the two things play a critical part.

However, whilst a strong Vision and a Positive Mindset are a powerful combination, they will not result in success – not on their own.  Success is reliant on taking Positive Action.

Notice I said ‘Positive’ Action. 

That’s because action in this context is not just about activity.  It’s about affirmative activity – activity which has intent. In other words, it’s about activity which is aligned with your vision.

You’ll have heard the advice: ‘do anything – just take action!’

On one level, I agree: clearly doing nothing won’t create results and so some activity is preferable to none. But, whilst doing ‘anything’ will result in more than doing nothing, that doesn’t mean that more is always a positive outcome.

Many people spend their time ‘doing’, but what they actually achieve is disproportionately less than the amount of energy expended.  Activity itself is not always effective and poorly aligned activity can create more problems than not doing any at all. Trust me, I’ve seen it!

I have worked with people who believed that doing lots and lots of activity was an effective business strategy. The thinking behind it was that some of that activity had to work and as long as 50% of it did, that was a positive outcome.  The reality was that the hours spent (usually by other people) clearing up the impact of the 50% that didn’t work meant that the value of the activity that did work just wasn’t worth it overall.

What IS effective is activity which is aligned with your vision.

With your vision clear and your mind-set affirmative, you now must take the steps that will positively impact your business and transform it into the business you want it to be…

…and to do that, you need a Plan of Action!


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