If you’ve found your way to this page, then maybe you’ve got to that stage we all get to eventually where you’ve realised that if you are going to create the business you really want…

It’s time to stop trying to do it on your own!

If you love what you do, but you’re not making enough money doing it.  

If you get great results with your clients, but you just don’t have enough of them.

If you put in the hours, but your business is just not growing.  And if you just KNOW that you could be achieving so much more in your business…

You are in the right place!

It’s time to stop spending your precious time, energy and money on things that get in the way of you building the business you want and instead focus your time, energy and money on a strategic process that leads to results!

This strategic process is VISION > MINDSET > ACTION and this is the basis of the work we will do together, because when you have these three things aligned and working together, you literally cannot help but succeed.

We have doubled our turnover in two consecutive years and we’ve seen a transformation to becoming a high performance culture.  We’ve also had a lot of fun along the way, celebrating our success!

Most impressive of Tamsens’ approach is the utilisation of the shared collective vision, values-driven behaviour and the enabling of sustainability of extraordinary results.  Tamsen delivers a myriad of custom programmes designed to maximise levels of engagement with every client, regardless of size and scope. Her process is challenging, illuminating, provocative and an undeniable prescription for breakthrough performance.

Two years on and Tamsen has become a trusted colleague within our business and I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough.

Trevor Mapondera

CEO and Managing Director, Nurseline Healthcare

Let me help you too!

Who I work with
I work with business owners with ambitious growth aspirations who have the passion and the drive to grow their business but who recognise that they don’t have all the knowledge, skills and/or resources to do so, and who accept that they need the help and support of someone who has been there and done it.
Why me?

I have worked in the field of people, team and business development for over 20 years, initially in an Operational Management and HR capacity in the corporate sector and later in the SME sector, both as a business owner and as a consultant.

This includes 4 years as the Network Director at 4Networking, the UK’s largest joined up business network, where I developed the infrastructure, including the leadership strategy and team and the processes, systems and training to develop a national business growth platform to enable small businesses to grow.

I am qualified in Psychology and NLP and that combined with my experience working with thousands of businesses, training hundreds of leaders and developing dozens of teams has resulted in a thorough understanding of the many challenges that are familiar to business owners and their people.

How I work

As a business owner, you have many choices and opportunities (more possibly than you realise!) and often when you are bogged down in the day to day running of your business, you can’t see those choices and opportunities clearly.

This is where I can add value.

As your Coach, my role is to support you through your business (and often personal) challenges and to enable you to find solutions yourself.  

As your Mentor, my role is to direct, guide and advise you based on my extensive business experience and training.

I marry the two roles very comfortably and the result is that you get the benefit of walking a business growth path which is right for you, whilst not making unnecessary and costly mistakes.

I can help you to align your mindset with that vision so that you are conditioned internally for the specific outcome you want and so that you are able to communicate what you do effectively and to influence your ideal client to invest both their time and money in your products and services.

I can help you to weigh up growth options and opportunities and to create an action plan to achieve them.

And I can help you to make key decisions and to develop your leadership style and ability so that you are able to implement changes with the full engagement of your team if you have one.

We worked on my overall business model and made some very fast progress.

Tamsen is a very smart and switched on coach. I work quickly and I get frustrated when coaches can’t keep up with me or want to slow me down.  Tamsen understands what works best for each individual and then how to apply that to the problem at hand.  We worked on my overall business model and made some very fast progress and flagged some actions to be made with immediate effect.

She has a bright, energetic personality too so the sessions are always fun!  I highly recommend her work!

Karen Hardie

Brand Strategist, Ugly Duckling Communications

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Motivated for and focused on success we were able to achieve big results easily

In June I Iooked back at the past 6 months and wondered why my business hadn’t moved forward.

Since working with Tamsen, we have achieved significant business success in a very short space of time.

With a clear vision my team & I knew where the business needed to be and with the right mindset, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and a plan, everyone knew what needed to happen and when.

Motivated for and focused on success we were able to achieve big results easily.

Susan Fullbrook

Managing Director, P4P Compliance