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Tamsen knows instinctively how to get the best from you to get the results you want

I had decided to change my niche and was feeling quite unsure about which direction to move in.  This was also a relatively new business and I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed.  I knew I needed support and expert advice so I decided it was time to invest in a Business Coach.

From our very first conversation I knew that Tamsen was the right fit for me.  Her values and ethos resonated with mine and I knew she would get results.  Tamsen enabled me to gain real clarity on my vision and then guided me step by step through the process of gaining traction in my business and how to put steps into action from identifying my ideal client, putting strategies in place to manage my time more efficiently, understanding the market, setting realistic goals and creating relevant programmes for my clients.  I felt incredibly supported throughout the process and Tamsen always knew what questions to ask to help me find the right answers for me

I felt much clearer on who I was working with and why and I had a greater understanding of my business with so much more confidence in the service I was offering.  My vision is still clear to me and that has stayed with me.  Having actions aligned with my vision has been invaluable.

Absolutely do it!  Invest in yourself and your business and take that step as it will be absolutely worth it!  Tamsen brings such a wealth of knowledge and experience and knows instinctively how to get the best from you to get the results you want.

Lisa Jones

Owner, Lisa Jones Coaching

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