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Before I met with Tamsen I was distracted by opportunities that presented themselves but because I had no means of evaluating them, the energy I expended took me away from concentrating on the stuff that actually was taking me in the right direction.

My VMA session enabled me to really focus my attention on what I wanted from my business and my personal life and the Vision I created now provides a reference point for everything I do.

It feels like it is embedded in me almost as part of my DNA and my Mindset is permanently geared to ensuring that I only spend time on activities that are aligned with my Vision.

When I booked my VMA session, I was just starting up having recently left an employed role so it wasn’t an easy time.   

My Vision wasn’t so much about yachts and 4 Bed detached houses etc., it was more simple than that.  It was about what I wanted in terms of the people I worked with, the working conditions I worked in, and a general sense that I was providing the best possible advice and service to my clients.

As a one man band – VMA shifted things for me and really made a difference to my business.

I now recommend Tamsen to my large business clients and have seen first-hand the transformation she has made there too.

Nick Hutt

HQ Mortgage and Finance

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