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I met Tamsen networking and connected with her as I loved her style, approach & confidence.  I knew I had so much more I could offer in my business and I was not sure about how to take the next steps.  I approached Tamsen as I wanted to work with someone who quite clearly walked the talk.

I had a VMA session with Tamsen in June 2016 which has since proved to be the best money I have spent in my business. 

That session enabled me to create my vision for myself and my business and to align my mindset with it, so that I was able to pursue it without obstacles.   It gave me the focus and the momentum to excel and to move towards my goals quickly and my business has quadrupled as a result.  As a result of my initial progress, I made the key decision at the end of 2016 to work with Tamsen as my business coach for the first half of 2017.  Again, just 4 months down the line and my business is just about to record its best month EVER.  I have Tamsen to thank for her help, support, guidance, encouragement, understanding and empathy which have enabled me to achieve these results in my business.

For any business owner wanting to take their business to the next level, VMA is a must as it allows the space, time & energy to decide what you want to achieve and through Tamsens’ wealth of knowledge and experience doing this work with many businesses, she holds the space superbly and delivers the outcome (a vision that motivates you to take action) you need to move forwards with confidence. 

If you are considering working with a business coach, I would say, Tamsen is awesome.  I feel she really gets to understand her clients and holds the space perfectly, allowing you to express what needs to be said.   She has the skills, experience and tools to provide the right next steps for your business and because she walks the talk too, she instils real confidence that you can and will move forward in your business. 

It’s a no brainer to work with Tamsen if you are serious about taking your business to the next level & beyond.

Niki Matyjasik

Owner, Business Buddy

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